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Thread: Application Error

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    Exclamation Application Error

    I use xp pro and when i tried loading some software
    I get the message

    16 bit windows subsystem (top of the box)
    The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows


    Any answers?
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    You may want to check this link out........

    16 bit

    Looks to me like this will help you out. Be sure to follow all the directions as you may be making registry changes and this can harm you system..........

    IMPORTANT: This article contains information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up and make sure that you understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: 256986 Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry.

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    Tried what u said but guess what yes u said it.
    It failed what now?

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    Sounds like you may have accidently overwritten your file with an older version.

    Insert your XP CD,(click "exit" when the cd opens)
    Then Open a command prompt.

    Start > Programs > Accessories > command prompt.

    At the command prompt type in this command (or you can copy and paste this command if its easier.)

    expand d:\i386\command.co_ %systemroot%\system32\

    (replace d: if your cd drive letter is different)

    Hit enter.
    When the file has been replaced take out the CD and reboot.
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