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    Easy Tune 4

    EasyTune™ 4 a stylish exclusive Windows based overclocking utility, which totally changes the traditional way for "Overclocking". It provides 2 modes, "Easy Mode" for the novice users and "Advance Mode" to fulfill the power-users. Want to reach the highest performance for your computer? EasyTune™ 4 will be your best partner.

    2002 Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

    This little program works soooo nice , just tried it very neat ! I was going to put this in the overclock section but I wanted more people to see it so I put it here.

    Download Easy Tune 4


    [EDIT]= I just tried this on an ASUS board & only part of it worked , works 100% on Gigabyte boards...may work on others ? the download link takes ya to Gigabyte Site so check it out & see what you think.

    [EDIT= after more testing , this is only for Gigabyte don't even try on others ! Oh Well works on My Gigabyte Surf Rig...HOLLY SMOKE you should see how fast pages open with this OverClocked Surf Rig...hehe
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