That big vacation, fabulous party, or family reunion is over. Why send a bunch of photos to family and friends when you can thrill them with an exciting photo story that tells the tale behind the photos instead? Plus! Photo Story makes it easy-just add your pictures to the photo story film strip and arrange them in any order you like.

After you add the pictures for your photo story, all you have to do is step through a few simple screens to personalize it. For example, you can do the following:

Narrate one or more of your pictures to tell family and friends about the memorable event.
Add panning and zooming effects to emphasize specific areas of a picture.
Add a title and credits, just like in a movie.
Pick background music for your story.

Before you save your photo story, choose the audio and video quality settings you want and preview your masterpiece.
Photo Story uses advanced Microsoft® Windows Media® compression technology so your story retains great quality, yet is small enough to easily send in an e-mail message or publish to the Web. That way, friends and family can enjoy your visually stunning photo stories whenever and wherever they want.

This comes with windows DME PLUS!.

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