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Thread: win98 max memory???

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    win98 max memory???

    Someone just told me that win98 only supports 512mb - is this correct?
    A friend has been trying to add memory, but not working - I am wondering:
    1) is this the problem
    2) is there a work around?


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    From a Google search:

    Windows 98 (also Windows 95 and Windows Me) was designed to use up to 2 gb
    of physical RAM.

    However the hardware necessary to actually do this was not generally
    available until very recently and it has since been discovered that there
    can be (probably hardware related) problems when you use more than 1 gb of
    RAM with these Windows versions.

    Also if you have more than 512 mb of RAM it is necessary to limit the
    amount of RAM that Windows can map for use as disk cache so as to prevent
    false "out of memory" errors. For Windows 98 and Windows Me this is done
    by adding the following line to the [vcache] section of the system.ini


    And finally adding more memory will improve performance if, and only if,
    the added memory results in reduced usage of the virtual memory swap file.
    Therefore if the swap file is not being used to any significant extent
    then adding more memory will not provide a significant improvement.

    Use the System Monitor utility that comes with Windows and set it to track
    "Memory manager: Swap file in use" for several days of normal to heavy
    usage. If "Swap file in use" regularly shows as 20 mb or more then the
    swap file is being used extensively and more memory would result in
    improved performance.

    This applies regardless of how much or how little RAM is currently
    installed in the computer.

    Good luck


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