ScanSoft and Microsoft have teamed to bring you a new plug-in for Microsoft Office 2003, one that allows you to instantly convert PDF into editable documents directly from within Microsoft Word 2003 - complete with the layout of the original. The ScanSoft PDF Converter for Microsoft Word unlocks the information trapped in PDF files, separating text from graphics, tables and columns. Now you can re-use information in PDF documents that you download from the Web or receive as email attachments. (No other software is required.) The ScanSoft PDF Converter for Microsoft is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office 2003 in two ways. First, Microsoft Word 2003 is extended with the ability to "File>>Open" PDF files. Second, ScanSoft has developed a Smart Tag that automatically converts PDF into Microsoft Word whenever a PDF is encountered in the Research area within Microsoft Word 2003.

ScanSoft and Microsoft are eager to get your comments and suggestions on this new product, and you can participate by completing the form at Once you complete the form and download the software you will be provided with a Beta Program PIN and access to the software. All feedback to the Beta will be managed via the Web."

Note : i think it will only work for existing Beta 2 users - however it may work on previous versions of Word.


More Info @ neowin