OETool is an enhancement of Outlook Express that provides an additional Toolbar on the Views Toolbar.

The program has been tested in Win98, Win2000, WinXP, and Windows Server 2003. Some features only work if IE6SP1 or WinXPSP1 are installed.
OETool currently has these buttons:

Button 1: Toggle Plain Text Mode for other messages.

This will only work with IE6SP1 or XPSP1 installed.

Button 2: Toggle Plain Text Mode for this and other messages (my favorite)

This will only work with IE6SP1 or XPSP1 installed.

Button 3: Toggle View Replies to my messages (for Newsgroups)

Button 4: Toggle Group Messages by Conversation (i.e. thread messages or not)

Button 5: Switch Identities (if you looked like that bitmap you'd want to)

Button 6: Run Majik's new free OEBackup program (

OEBackup.exe must be in the same directory as OETool.exe

Button 7: Run DBXtract or DBXtend if its installed.

DBXtract.exe must be in the same directory as OETool.exe. If you have DBXtend, then it will be launched instead of DBXtract.

The program can be monitored in the system tray. Right clicking or double clicking the icon in the system tray will enable you to end the program.

OETool was a challenging and fun program to write. I hope you, as users of OE, enjoy it as much using it as I did writing it.


This was a rather tricky program to write, also, and there are some known things that users of version 1 will have to accomodate:
1. The Options popup screen may flicker on and off when clicking on one of the plain text toggle buttons.
2. The Views Drop Down Combo Box may be obscured by the OETool Toolbar. This can be corrected by clicking where the Combo Box is located.

3. Although the program runs in the background, it has been reported that sometimes it does not display the toolbar in OE, if OE has not yet been started. If that is the case, end the program and then restart it.

4. OETool will not run if background compaction is enabled for the current Identity. The program will exit, if this is the case and you must disable background compaction and then restart OETool. (This is by design for security purposes).

5. If you run DBXtract from OETool, it is not recommended that you attempt to extract from a folder that is open in OE. Otherwise, there might be a collision of DBXtract operations with those of OE itself and message store damage could result.

Version 1.00 Released 10/09/02

Version 1.10 Released 10/15/02 -- Increased localization support for other languages.

Version 1.30 Released 03/02/03 -- Fixed small bug with PT / HTML mode switching.


NOTE: The source code for this program is not available.

The author makes no guarantees as to this software and the user, upon downloading and executing it, does so at his own risk.
OETool is free. It may not be sold or used for promotional purposes, but may be distributed freely in its present form.
The program is Copyright 2002, 2003 Stephen L. Cochran, Ph.D. and all rights are reserved under international agreements