An audio device with a headphone jack and a stereo with an FM receiver

There are so many uses the Digiana Wireless Audio Portable FM Linker, that I almost don't know where to begin...but I will touch on just a few scenarios for those that didn't realize that they might be able to use something like this.

Let's say that you have an expensive collection of MP3s that you would like to listen to over the sound system in your vehicle. All you have to do is plug the Digiana into the headphone jack of your MP3 player, turn the FM linker on (by holding the bottom button down), pick an empty station, then crank up the music - you are in business.

Or what if you have a navigation system that uses a PDA with a less than exciting speaker? Just plug the Digiana into the PDA and enjoy audible directions in stereo over your vehicle's speaker system.

Speaking of Audible...what if you want to listen to spoken word, or an audio book from your PDA or MP3 player as you drive? With the Digiana, you can.

Some other FM audio linkers have the inherent problem of only allowing you a few pre-selected stations to choose from. While this might not be an issue in rural communities, it can be a huge problem in an urban setting, Fortunately, the Digiana does not suffer from this type of restriction. You can choose any station on the FM dial in tenth increments until you find a clear host.

Working the Digiana is simple: you turn it on by pressing the bottom button for a couple of seconds. Two LED lights come on, and the screen says "ON." Then a screen comes up that displays the MHz position on the FM dial. You can move it up or down in tenth increments by pushing the top or bottom buttons. When you touch either button, the LEDs will come on for a moment, backlighting the LCD screen while you make your selection.

Measuring approximately 2" wide x 1.5" tall, this gadget is small, light, and easily pocketable. The coiled cord expands to over three feet and retracts to under a foot allowing you to set your audio device somewhere safe while driving. .

The Digiana comes with a AAA battery, and a claim of 8 hours life. I have been using the same battery off and on for the last couple weeks, and I believe that this claim is true as I have yet to see the battery budge from "full."

The Digiana Wireless Audio Portable FM Linker is available from Merconnet, and other retailers.

Price: $28.95
8 Hour battery life
Can choose from any FM dial increment
Compact and sturdy design