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Thread: Is there a tiny about 4x6 or 5x7 laptop...

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    Is there a tiny about 4x6 or 5x7 laptop...

    That would allow me to carry it along with me when I go somewhere?

    It does not have be be a laptop per se...let me elaborate.
    What I often have is a need to do is take a picture of a repair job that needs doing to Home Depot or wherever, so that I can explain to the people there what it is I want to do and ask how they would suggest I do it. The picture is worth 1,000 words obviously, especially since I don't draw very well in 3D.

    I could use a laptop (which I don't have) but it's too bulky and all I want to do is show pictures (say 4x6 in size). This way I would not have to print a picture for a 1-time use.

    I'd be happy if I could store 3-4 pictures at a time--more would be nice though---say 20 JPGs.

    I could, of course, take the camera along, but the LCD screen IS pretty small.

    Does what I want exist or something close to it? If it does, where would I look for it?

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    In Japan they make a very tiny laptop that fits in the palm of your hand. It runs a transmeta crusoe chip (800-1000mhz) 256Mb ram, 30gig hdd, and has a scalable 1024X768 Active matrix TFT. The TFT is about the size of a 5X7.. it really is tiny.

    The laptop costs about $1300 and I don't know if you are really interested in putting it out at that price.

    What I suggest you to do is get a prortable VCD or DVD player and author the CDs or DVDs so that they can be read on the players.

    You can get very cheap portable VCD and DVD players on ebay.

    Alternatively you can get a Digital picture frame. These are relatively cheap, compared to the other items I mentioned.

    Some examples are below:

    I think that might be your best bet. Then you just insert your smart media, and it will display the images in the frames. They even come with remotes so you can scan through your images.

    The Middle choice is a 15 inch LCD picture frame. That will make the images very viewable.

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