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Thread: Sony Shows New PDA Concept

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    Sony Shows New PDA Concept

    Sony Shows New PDA Concept, Lowers Prices
    Posted By: Ryan on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 2:46:52 PM
    Sony showed off a new Clie/PDA concept at a management meeting in Japan. The new prototype has a clamshell like design, a camera and built in wireless. Sony has also lowered prices across the board on many of their US handhelds.

    The prototype Clie model was briefly displayed by a Sony Executive at a recent management press briefing. Sony gave very little specific information about the device other than it will include some form of integrated wireless. It is also reported to have an integrated camera on the hinge. The shape and form factor of the device loosely resembles the design of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP.

    Longtime readers will remember that Sony first showed off a prototype of what later became the NR70 in a similar manner at PalmSource 2002. That prototype was later released less than two months following the sneak peak.

    Sony lowers prices
    Sony has cut the retail price of the SJ20 by $20 to $129.99, and the SJ33 dropped $50 to $249.99. The TG50 was also dropped $50 to $349.99.

    Sony is offering a $50 mail-in rebate on the TG50 and all Sony Clie models have free shipping until. In addition the SJ22, SJ33, TG50 and NZ90 have mail-in offers for a free leather case.


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    I think this is the direction PDAs should go for as it is a familiar form, like the gameboys and other handheld gaming machines.

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