HardwareGeeks.com has finished making the Media Center Edition 2.0 fixpack and tutorial for Longhorn builds 4008 and 4015. Click Read More for screenshots and the tutorial. On top of the fixpack and tutorial we have included the english translation for the german Media Center 2.0! Enjoy!

Download: MCE Fixpack

Media Center 2.0 at this point seems like a fairly minor update using the same GUI as the original Media Center. There are however some nice changes and some strange changes to it. Theirs a new section on the main menu called My Radio for listening to FM Radio. Their are now visualizations for music. The My TV program guide has been revamped to make navigating it easier.

If you find any errors in the translation of Media Center please post the original text along with what it should be.

Screenshots coming as I upload them


Before you can do this you'll need a copy of Media Center 2.0. This will work for Media Center 1.0 but you'll have to skip the eHome step.

Step 1: Copy the contents of the v1.0.3705 folder into %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705
Step 2: Extract your medtroc.cab to any folder and copy the contents of the eHome folder into it to make it english
Step 3: Goto add/remove windows components in the control panel. Check off Media Center and point it to the folder you extracted to. When you get an error for being unable to find gacutil.exe point it to %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705
Step 4: Reboot and have fun with Media Center

Instructions with Download