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    TV Cell Phone

    Samsung Electronics Releases Mobile Phone with Color TV Function

    - The phone receives TV broadcasts over public access channels.
    - Tiny, high-performance antenna provides clear pictures and sound.
    - Channels can be automatically selected and the screen can be viewed either horizontally or vertically.
    - Up to 50 frames of TV broadcast can be captured and downloaded for use as a screen background image.
    - Samsung is aggressively going after the Korean market with a lineup of multimedia mobile phones.

    Seoul, Korea-June 9th, 2003: Samsung Electronics has introduced the TV Phone (model: SCH-X820) in Korea that accesses color TV in real time over VHF/UHF channels (local stations KBS, MBC, SBS and EBS). Previously, mobile phone users have had to pay separate fees to service providers to watch TV. However, the SCH-X820 has a built-in TV tuner that receives TV broadcasts directly from the station free of charge.

    Importantly, the TV Phone’s high-performance antenna, which receives both TV and mobile phone signals, provides high-quality TV images. For added convenience, the phone can automatically select the channels with excellent reception. The TV screen can be adjusted for viewing either horizontally or vertically. Moreover, an earphone can be connected so as not to disturb others.

    In addition, the user can capture and download up to 50 frames of any TV broadcast (such as a favorite scene or dramatic sports play) for use as the screen background image.

    The main screen is a 262,000-color TFT-LCD that reproduces high quality images. The SCH-X820 also has an external 256-color organic electro-luminescence display.

    A Samsung Electronics spokesperson said, “We now have a camera phone, camcorder phone and TV phone in our multimedia mobile phone lineup, and we will soon add a music-on-demand phone, as we aggressively go after the domestic market.”

    The SCH-X820 will retail for under KRW700,000 in Korea.

    SCH-X820 Specifications

    - Dimensions
    91.1mm long x 49.8mm wide x 25.3mm high (standard model)
    91.1mm long x 49.8mm wide x 29.4mm high (high-capacity model)

    - Weight
    121g (standard), 138g (high-capacity)

    - LCD
    Main: 262,000-color TFT-LCD (176 x 200 pixels)
    External: 256-colr organic EL LCD (96 x 64 pixels)

    Battery Specifications

    Standard Battery (780mA)
    High-capacity Battery (1,560mA)

    - Continuous Use
    About 115 minutes
    About 235 minutes

    - Standby
    65-190 hours
    135-385 hours


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    I guess the train trips to and from work take a long time. So why note watch the news or sport shows :biggrin:

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