The ultimate in digital convergence technology!

The Que!007™Portable Digital Theater™ (PDR) is your new storage superstar! The industry’s first patent - pending multi-tasking , multi-function DVD-Burner/CD-RW/DVD-ROM device is the most powerful and versatile drive available in the market today. Truly outstanding features make the Que! 007 (PDR) stand out from the crowd!

Light years ahead of the competition in form and function, the Que!007™ (PDR) comes with a host of powerful stand-alone features including: Playing DVD movies directly from Que!007 (PDR) to your TV or flat screen display or presentation device with read support for DVD, VCD and SVCD and other formats. Support Dolby™ Digital and DTS Surround Sound, (1x. 2x, 4x) SmartZoom for motion zoom and pan, Full DVD Navigation with Chapter Preview, On-Screen System Setup Menu Icons, Password Parental Control Settings and much more. The built-in LCD display provides comprehensive audio/video function information and MP3 track statistics — such as title, album and playing time.

Advanced infra-red remote control functionality allows users full control over all Que!007™ (PDR) functions from the comfort of their seats!

The built-in IEEE-1394 FireWire interface allow MAC and PC users to easily record, erase, rewrite DVD's, CD’s and play DVD movies on their desk-top or notebook computer.

Capture your favorite moments with your DV camcorder and record your home video in real time directly to the Que!007 (PDR) DVD-R/RW media without saving the images onto your PC's hard disk drive.

Our powerful, portable device is shock and vibration resistant with our patented suction cup mounting kit that allows you to fasten the drive tightly to any surface, preventing accidental drops and skipping during record or playback operations. Our handy belt-clip accessory provides hands-free operations while in transit.

The Que!007™ PDT drive brings all your mass storage needs together in one sleek, light-weight and portable elegant palm-sized device.


QUE!007 Drive-Specs • External Portable Drive.

DVD-R/RW Write Speeds

DVD-R Media 2x (2.76MB/Sec)

DVD-RW Media 2x (2.76MB/Sec)

DVD-R/RW/ROM Read Speeds

DVD-R/RW/ROM Media 8x (11MB/Sec)

CD-R/RW Write Speeds

CD-R Media

2x(300 KB/Sec), 4x(600 KB/Sec), 8x(1.2 MB/Sec), 12x(1.8 MB/Sec), 16x(2.4 MB/Sec)

CD-RW Media

4x(600 KB/Sec), 8x(1.5 MB/Sec)

CD-R/RW/ROM Read Speeds

CD-R/RW/ROM Media 24x(3.6 MB/Sec)

• Single/Multi-Session Photo-CD Compatible

• 700MB Data Storage Capacity

• 1.2 MB/sec (8xWrite) Sustained Speed

• 90ms Random Seek Time

• 2MB Buffer Size

• Built-in IEEE-1394 Interface

• Upgradeable Firmware

• Enhanced Anti-Shock Protection

(180sec for Audio CD at 44.1KHz)(480sec for MP3 CD at 128kb/s.)

• PC/MAC Compatible

• Up to 90 minutes Battery Operations *

• Built-in LCD Display

• Well Defined Function Keys

• Universal Headphone/Analog/Optical Audio Output Jack

Video Specs • Full DVD Navigation with Chapter Preview

• On-Screen System Setup Menu Icons

• Pan & Scan and Letter-Box Conversion

• Slow, Fast Forward, Fast Reverse, Step, and Goto Motion Scan

• Support Karaoke/Subtitling Functions

• Built-in Content Scrambling System (CSS) Circuitry

• Password Parental Control Settings

• Support PAL/NTSC Video-Out Mode Selection.

• (1x. 2x, 4x) SmartZoom™ for motion zoom and pan

• SmartStream™ for Video error conceal ment with support for

Microsoft Windows Sound System

• Frame advance (Forward & Reverse)

• Support 8 Navigation Menu languages

Audio Specs • Dolby™Digital 2-Channel Downmix audio output for Dolby™

• Dolby™ Pro Logic

• Linear PCM Streams for 24 bit / 96KHz

• Concurrent S/PDIF out and 2-Channel Audio Out

• Sensaura Dolby Digital 3D Virtual Surround

• DTS Digital Surround 2-Channel Downmix Stereo Output

• S/PDIF Output for encoded AC-3, DTS Digital Output or Linear


Disk Format Support • Audio-CD • MP3 CD • Picture CD • VideoCD 3.0 • SVCD

• VCD • CD-ROM/XA • CD-Extra • CD+Graphics • DVD-ROM

Media Support • CD-R • CD-RW • DVD-R • DVD-RW • DVD+RW • DVD+R

Software • CD Mastering Software for PC & MAC
• DVD Authering Software for PC

Accessories • Que!007 36 Key Remote Control

• External Power Supply Adapter

• Detachable Rechargeable Battery Pack

• Headphone Set

• IEEE-1394 Cable

• Optical TOSSLINK Cable

• Audio/Video Cable

• S-Video to Composite Adapter

• Car Power Adapter Kit (Optional)

• One 74 Minutes CD-R Media


Ingram Micro Part Number 854246