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Thread: Add Assistant to Office XP

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    Add Assistant to Office XP

    When I upgraded to OFFICE XP Professional; I noticed that one of the old Office Assistants was no longer available.

    I had grown used to seeing the Office Assistant GENIUS on the screen. I am not sure why, but Office was not the same without him.
    Here is how I solved the problem...

    Here's a way to do it.

    Go to this web site:


    and download the following files in the directory listing:


    Save or copy them to Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10.

    The only way I could get him to show up in the options to change office assistant was by renaming the files to another office assistant.

    Go to the folder where you saved those two files. Choose an assistant to rename him to, for example Rocky.

    Either rename or delete Rocky.acg and Rocky.acs. Now rename Genius.acg to rocky.acg, and genius.acs to rocky.acs.

    Now he will show up as an option under choose office assistant.

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    Farquard - I deleted your other thread on this tip, please refrain from double posting the same thread in two different sections.
    Please read the forum rules if you are unsure of anything

    BTW - it is a very good tip
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