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Thread: I need some info and sites re BAK files in XP

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    I need some info and sites re BAK files in XP

    I use Notetab Light rather than Notepad as a text editor...this probably not terribly important re my question.

    But sometimes, only sometimes, when I save a .txt file in Notetab light and later change it a little and save the changes, XP makes a BAK file. But if I try and view it, I get told Windows cannot open this file.

    So what is going on? Why are just some files worthy of this BAK file extension?

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    those are backup files of your txt file

    just right click with your mouse and select open wiyth and choose notepad.
    remember to put a check next to always use this program

    its nice that your program will save a copy of your text file

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    I agree with Egg. You just don't want to keep extra copies taking extra space

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    true they take up extra space, which can be of premium lately, but they are invaluable, especially if its an important document. I nearly lost my Thesis but had a BAK backup... *lucky* !!

    yeah you should be able to open them in Notepad or whatever, might have to file associate with the program for that file extension.

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