Microsoft has released a new update for Internet Explorer 6 SP1 running on Windows 98 up to Windows XP SP1.

When you try to download a file with Internet Explorer from a Web server, you may receive the following error message:

"Internet Explorer cannot download FileName from WebServer."

This behavior occurs because the content disposition header for the file stream is greater than approximately 150 bytes and the Latin character set is equal to 150 characters. This behavior may occur if the content disposition header is formatted with a non-Latin character set, such as Japanese or Russian.

For example, a 17-character content disposition header in the Japanese character set is 153 bytes because the UTF-8 encoding scheme uses 9 bytes to represent a single Japanese character, but it uses only 1 byte in the Latin character set.

Download: Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update

View: MS Knowledge Base Article 816868

source: W2S