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Thread: Word 97 Crashes after 2 Enters!

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    Word 97 Crashes after 2 Enters!

    A friend of mine has encountered a very strange problem in that when in Word 97, if she presses the enter key twice word comes up with an illegal operation in winword.exe and the program is shut down.

    I'm not talking of two rapid presses but more the sort of thing you might do to end a paragraph and then leave a blank line.

    Press any key in between the CRs and all is well.

    There is also a suspicion that restarting Word then causes a single enter to crash the system until the system is rebooted.

    I believe she's running Win98SE and when I asked what had been changed since it worked last, I got the inevitable reply of "nothing really"! She did admit possibly to having changed the way the desktop looked.

    I've suggested uninstalling Word and reinstalling it ... at least it keeps her busy until I can get a chance to look at it, but has anyone come across this behaviour before?

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    your advice is the best. Sometimes its easier to reinstall then take the time to troubleshoot.

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    Check to see whether she has been experimenting with "macro's"


    If you perform a task repeatedly in Microsoft Word, you can automate the task by using a macro. A macro is a series of Word commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.

    Here are some typical uses for macros:

    To speed up routine editing and formatting
    To combine multiple commands; for example, inserting a table with a specific size and borders, and with a specific number of rows and columns
    To make an option in a dialog box more accessible
    To automate a complex series of tasks

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