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Thread: Techzonez Forum Rules

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    Techzonez Forum Rules


    Please read them,and abide by them.

    Thank you.
    1.) Do not use racist,distasteful,or threatening language in posts.

    2.) Do not directly post,request,or mention,warez,cracks,serials,keygens or anything else that infringes ownership/copyrights.

    3.) Do not post anything pornographic or obscene in nature.

    4.) Do not post anything of a political nature.

    5.) Use the search facility before posting a question.It may have already been answered.

    6.) Do not post off topic,and try and keep chit chat to a minimum.

    7.) Do not SPAM.

    8.) When posting screenshots or large images,(above 640 pixel width),please create a link to them.Do not use [img] tags as this can slow down page loading,especially for 56k dial-up users,and can also cause the thread table alignment to get messed up.

    9.) Signature images are limited to a maximum 420x100 pixels,and 50kb in file size and you are allowed only one image. You are also limited to 1 line of text directly above or below your image.

    Note: If you do not use an image you may use a maximum of 5 lines of text.(A blank line counts as 1 line)

    "Flash" animation sigs are not allowed.

    Any sigs above the maximum allowances will be removed,and the member contacted via PM.

    10.) Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any post they consider inappropriate or in violation of any of the rules without any warning and/or notice to the user.

    *Banning: You will be banned for repeatedly disrupting the site,for posting inappropriate material,or for using our site as an advertisement venture.

    We are a friendly and knowledgeable community,so please respect the rules and enjoy your stay.


    NOTE: You can also view our Forum Rules in a short,narrative movie,produced by one of our longest serving members "Tinker". Click here to view the movie.
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