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Thread: Message received re a tutorial I wanted to read.

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    Message received re a tutorial I wanted to read.


    I'm using XP. I just downloaded a free limited version of a file transfer program WS_FTP LE and installed problem. It's V 5.08 (updated 3/00 it said).

    It had a tutorial that would walk me through uploading a file to my ISP-donated space for me, but when I clicked on that, I got this message:

    MS VBScript runtime error 800a004c. Path not found. 1globals/tutorial_globals.asp, line 73

    What does this mean? That my computer is screwing up. Or am I being told there is some error in the visual basic code that I assume the tutorial is written in?

    Either way, what can I do about it?

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    Might be their glitch or something was corrupted in the download. Download a new copy, uninstall the old one and try again.

    BTW. WS-FTP is a good app.

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