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Thread: Creating resticted accounts with XP ??

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    Question Creating resticted accounts with XP ??

    Ok, here's the question... My brother is comming to stay with me for a couple of months and I need a "resticted" account for him. What I mean is I want to give him access to some, but not all of the computer. I understand how to use disk quotas now but hiding different drives or folders so he can't see them ?? Or what about not letting him delete or change folders or files ??

    I use NTFS as my file system on WinXP pro. I have a limited account created for him as well... So the only thing I need to work out is how to restrict his access to the folders and files I want..

    This is getting a little desperate as I don't seem to get replies in the other forums on the web .... he's comming in 14 days!!!!!

    PLEASE HELP!!!....

    Thanks in advance... Alex.

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    It is possible, however, for a user to restrict access to a sub-folder inside their ``My Documents'' folder by right clicking on the sub-folder, selecting ``Sharing and Security'' and clicking ``Make this folder private.''

    YOu could also password protect any files and folders that you dont want him to see, by zipping them, and adding a password. Another thing you can do, is to unshare all networked drives, Further, you could set up a severly limited user account, using the wizard in the control panel under user accounts.

    Further you can do some simplier stuff to make it more difficult for him to not screw up your PC. Click on the startmenu, right click in an open space on the startmenu. Click on properties, advanced,
    get rid of all the admininstrative access, control panel, hide the network connections, my pictures, etc....

    YOu can also click on user accounts, change the way users log on and off, get rid of fast user switching, and make it go to the classic mode for logging on for added security, that way you are forced to enter your password when you log on.

    And lastly, use the link above to prohibit access to my computer in order to stop access to your drives.

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