The Gist: In a recent joint press conference in Tokyo, Banpresto and
I-O data announced a collaboration to produce two different Mobile
Suit Gundam theme products, following the previously successful (at
least that's what they claim) Gundam Easy Disk USB Flash RAM memory
storage devices. One is an MP3 player - we'll ignore that right now
- and the other is the Motion Pix AVMC211, a digital camcorder with a
2,100,000-pixel CCD, SD and MMC memory card slots, and a 1.5-inch
color TFT monitor. It looks as ugly as 10-day-old roadkill (and is
about the same color if you go for the red one), but it only costs
19,800 yen. That's about 160 bucks, which is a total bargain if you
ask me. The AVMC211 will knock out 320 x 240-pixel movie images and
still pictures with a maximum of 2,048 x 1,536 dots. At 110g, the
camera weighs less than my ancient mobile phone, but I am sad to
report that it does, as a relatively serious down side, have
"Principality of Zeon Army Supplies, Zionic Co. Ltd., UC 0079" printed
on the side.

It is very small and cheap, and comes in a cool Gundam suit to boot.


note* the source is in Japanese.