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Thread: Skin IE

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    Skin IE

    Justin from Fairfield, Calif., called asking how to skin Internet

    If you're ever tempted to download Hotbar to add colors or images to
    IE toolbar, don't. It's notorious spyware. Instead, use the Group
    Editor if you have Windows XP Pro.

    You can also modify the Registry if you're comfortable with that.

    1. Backup your Registry

    2. Start by creating a bitmap of about 80x80 pixels.

    3. Run RegEdit and navigate to

    4. Select the BackBitmap entry and pull down Edit|Modify.

    5. Type in the path to your bitmap and close RegEdit.

    From the TechTV newsletter.
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    Unhappy i messes that up bad

    ok, i followed the directions to change the 'skin' of my internet explorer. i went to the regedit, but there is not a 'backbitmap' under the location i was sent to. i made a new bitmap, and called it back bitmap and typed in the location of the bitmap i wanted to use. it did not change my ie toolbar at all. however, when i go into windows explorer, now i get this big blank area above the address bar . i dont know how to get rid of it. i am runnin winxp pro with service pack 2, and internet explorer 7.0 how do i get rid of this big blank area? thanks for the help

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    Try deleting what you added and if that doesnt work then maybe System restore ?

    If you want to skin IE try This or This

    Also, before messing with the registry use ERUNT, saves alot of headache

    BTW, welcome to TZ
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    The tip above was meant for IE4 and IE5, and IE6 *with a different name, though backbitmap should still work:

    Running IE6, or using Windows XP, though it comes with IE6, the BackBitmapIE5 value is still the same, but the string value for the explorer toolbar is now called "BackBitmapShell" (same key). Still, BackBitmap works too.
    IE7 is not included in this process. The post is over 3 years old. Hopefully you can get it sorted.

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