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Thread: Multiple Email Identities?

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    Multiple Email Identities?

    I need to establish two email accounts, one on one server, one on the other. These are facitous names and domains, but they'll illustrate what I'm attempting to accomplish.

    The environment is a 486PC, Win 98 SE, Microsoft Office 2000, using Outlook 2000. There are just two users on my home PC, there are no other PCs networked to it, and I access the Internet only via my dial-up modem.

    I work for the abc company, and everyone who works for them has an email account that looks like [email protected]. I also have a home account supported by my ISP, my email account with them is [email protected].

    I want to set up two accounts on my home email server that will let me generate mail which will appear to come from either account. My PC's email client had already (mistakenly, as I later learned) been set up in the Corporate or Workgroup configuration, so I just initially established a couple of different profiles. I configured Outlook to prompt me to specify whichever profile I wanted whenever I invoked it.

    The business profile used for incoming mail, and for outgoing mail .. I was popping mail from my company's server. The home/personal account used for incoming mail, and for outgoing mail. I wanted both accounts to reference the same mail file, so as I was setting up the new accounts, when it asked me for the file to use for mail, I selected the same outlook.pst. It seemed to work fine .. both profiles referenced the same file.

    From earlier support calls and forum responses, I came to realize that I was exercising a lot of unnecessary software to run mail in the Corporate or Workgroup mode, on just my stand-alone PC island. So I choose to convert the whole email support on my PC to just Internet Only mail.

    The ability to set up Profiles seems to have gone away, and what I can do is set up individual Accounts, but when doing so, the option of identifying the mail repository, (what I had been using at outlook.pst), is never presented. Also, I'm not seeing the option of telling Outlook to prompt me to select the Account of choice when invoking it.

    I'm pretty adept at copying and moving/renaming files around, if I could just determine what mail file each Account references.

    Am I going to have to go back to the Corporate or Workgroup configuration to regain the ability to pop mail from my company's server, AND be jim homebody for my personal stuff?

    I bought what I was hoping would be a pretty technically-savvy text to try to figure this out, but it was more of a novice user's guide - not detailed enough. (It is Osbourne's "The Complete Reference - Outlook 2000" by Thomas E. Barich - this tome is 775 pages long, but doesn't identify the underlying support files!)

    Is there a better way to attain the email identity I seek?

    Do you know of a better book? I have an MS-CIS, so I can handle technical discussions.


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    Outlook 2003 was released rather recently to manufacturers.. I'd say try that, and see if it offers what you want..

    Also, the user Gicio had a similar issue.. I think though I am not quite sure if it is the same as yours:

    He solved it by changing the "Active Directory Users and Computers" for every user the email address from
    (example) [email protected]l to [email protected]
    AND it's works!!!

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    Welcome to Techzonez Big Jim.

    If I understand what you are asking, Mozilla mail is the way to go. I keep four accounts in my. In the past there were 6, two were web based.

    Open link for my setup.
    Linux Mint Debian Edition

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