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Thread: After migration to Windows 2003 can't access some files

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    Question After migration to Windows 2003 can't access some files

    We set up here a new windows 2003 server (without ANY problems ).
    we put in this server a hard disk from a windows 2000 server (the drive has data on it).
    now we have the problem that we can't access some data on this hard drive.
    (we have administration rights on this server).

    but some files are ok...and we can access it.

    on this files that we can't access we can't also see under properties the security tab!?!?

    can someone tell me how to access this data?



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    Put the drive back on the windows 2000 server,
    then send them over the network to the 2003 machine. Format the drive, and then install it in the windows 2003 server.

    Sounds complicated but it is not. It will take some time, but you can do it.

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