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Thread: Electronic paper reaches video speed

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    Electronic paper reaches video speed

    Colour movies might soon be playing on single sheets.
    25 September 2003


    Paper capable of playing videos has been invented at the Philips Research laboratory in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

    A single sheet looks pretty much like ordinary paper. But the ink can be rearranged electronically fast enough to show video movies.

    Its devisers, Robert Hayes and Johan Feenstra, have also figured out how to create full-colour displays. Their colour screens would be four times brighter than the flat devices currently made from liquid crystals, they reckon.

    The invention is the latest version of 'electronic ink'. Researchers hope to combine the convenience, robustness and readability of printed material with the vast and flexible information content of laptop computers.


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    I saw a report on this stuff a little while ago.. its abosolutely amazing... they reckon its heaps better than LCD and Plasma... using the best of both worlds

    Hopefully it can be produced cheaper than LCD/Plasma so will be used in commercial or home scenes

    I cant wait for the sci-fi stuff for the 21st centuary... we are nearly finished 2003! Cmon tech guys LOL

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