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Thread: WMP 9: Copying Files to Mobile Devices

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    WMP 9: Copying Files to Mobile Devices

    Do you have a Windows Powered Pocket PC or a portable digital audio player? If so, you can use Windows Media Player 9 Series to copy digital media files from the Media Library to your device.
    To copy files to a mobile device

    1. Connect the device to your computer.
    2. Do one of the following:
    * In the Windows Media Player Features taskbar, click Media Library. In Media Library, right-click an item that you want to copy, and then click Copy to CD or Device. Repeat to add other items. This adds the item or items to a temporary playlist.
    * In the Windows Media Player Features taskbar, click Copy to CD or Device. In the Items to Copy drop-down list, click an existing playlist and then clear the check boxes next to any files that you do not want to copy to the device.
    3. In the Items on Device drop-down list in the Copy to CD or Device feature, click the device that you want to copy the item or items to.
    4. If desired, in the Items on Device pane, click the location on the device that you want the items to be copied to.
    5. Click the Copy button above the Items on Device pane.


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    Well, I have a Pocket PC and I do copy music files to it sometimes. (I still prefer hearing it from my SB Live! Digital 5.1) But I still think just pasting the files in the Sync folder and letting ActiveSync do its work is easier.

    1. Paste files in Sync folder.
    2. Press sync button.

    But either way, thanks for the tip, I may just put it to use because you don't have to make so many copies of the files.
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