Windows Messenger is part of Windows XP and lets you communicate instantly with co-workers, friends, and family all around the world right from your computer. With Windows Messenger you can communicate using text, voice, and video, and enhance your productivity even more with the ability to share applications or a whiteboard. Windows Messenger gives you control over who you talk to and when by letting you block specific users, view the typing status of buddies, and deciding who adds you to their contact list.

Windows Messenger 5.0 adds the following new enhancements that let you:
Send Ink Instant Messages from a Tablet PC
Filter out instant messaging spam
Turn off Windows Messenger notifications during presentations

(Note: This version of Windows® Messenger can only be installed on the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems.)

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Download: Windows Messenger 5.0 (Build 0468) (8.24 MB)