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    DemoLinux. First offered at Linux Expo Paris in February 2000, DemoLinux allows people to test drive Linux without installing the operating system. Just boot it from the CD. No hard drive partitioning. No lengthy installation process. No up-front work at all.

    DemoLinux version 1.0 was based on Mandrake 5.3, while version 2.0 switched to a pre-release of Debian "Potato." DemoLinux is developed largely by three people from Paris VII University in France. Until now, relatively

    few people in the United States have known of its existence or importance. Now at version 3.01, DemoLinux tries to create a pleasant user experience that works on most modern PCs. It does a pretty good job at it, too

    650mb includes star office
    run linux from cd rom

    includes 100's of programs and applications and games

    get it here before its shut

    go here to see the fight for freedom

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    Downloading now to give it a look/see...Thanks egghead


    Well I got it booted to it...what the hell am I supposed to do now???

    I am so freakin lost...
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