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Thread: Office 2003 Script Debugging

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    Office 2003 Script Debugging

    Ever since I installed the whole Office 2003 suite I would get this annoying "script debugging" message every once in a while, while surfing the net. So I turned off this option in Internet Options. Then while opening Mail Washer I get another Script Debugging message this time about the program and the "memory cannot be read blah-blah, click ok to debug".

    Has anyone experienced the same? I have since removed Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Infopath though I'm not sure which program is responsible for all the script debugging messages.

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    After I install Microsoft Office 2003, the software prompts me to debug script errors in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). How can I turn off this behavior?

    John Savill
    InstantDoc #40195
    John Savill's FAQ for Windows

    A. The Office 2003 installation can enable IE's script debugging during installation, which can result in dialog boxes that prompt you to debug errors in scripts. To turn off this behavior, perform the following steps:

    Start the Control Panel Internet Options applet.
    Select the Advanced tab.
    Under the Browsing section, select the "Disable script debugging" check box and clear the "Display a notification about every script error" check box.
    Click OK.

    Seems like this may be common??? I haven't experienced it yet...

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    I haven't experienced the problem whilst surfing,but have had a few script debugging errors when closing IE and also with Windows Explorer.

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