Hi people I have managed to fix the LH 4051 networking problem on my copy!

Heres what i did, firstly I unticked the TCP/IP V6 from my LAN Connection and then set my static IP address, rebooted the computer as it asked me to do, then logged on and found that i could see my internet gateway but wasnt able to access the internet, so i did Start -> Run, typed CMD, and then found out my network card metric by doing the ROUTE PRINT command and then i did the Route change command, for my computer its like this :

route change mask metric 1 if 8

so in your cases it will be :

route change mask x.x.x.x metric 1 if x - where x.x.x.x is the ip address of the computer on the network which provides your net connection and the x is your network card metric.

found @ iexbeta.com