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Thread: Word pad defaults

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    Word pad defaults

    I use Word pad and can't find a way to change some of the setting defaults.

    Some I want to change;

    - when I open a file it is set for RTF, I wnat to change to 'ALL'
    - Font, I want to set the default to what I want.

    I change these every time, but haven't found a place to SET them or make
    them the default ...

    Any Ideas ?

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    You can try this app: WINUTILS

    A handy collection of Windows utilities to close down and restart Windows at the click of a button (including an optional delay), close all (or selected) programs and windows, close programs after a specified time, change Notepad and WordPad defaults, perform cleanup tasks before closing down Windows, adjust the sound card volume, change the default printer etc.

    I have aqbsolutely no idea how good these are tho...might wanna create a restore point before installing it. Hope this helps.

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