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Thread: office 11 and sygate

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    office 11 and sygate

    just spent the last few days formatting and installing office.

    ran into a major roadblock with an office 11 error while trying to send out my emails

    office 10 is fine and office 97 works great

    problem for me is the fact that i downloaded a few hundred very important emails and saved them as a pst file in office 11

    i uninstalled office 11 and installed office 10 and the install went fine and i ran outlook and it errors "folder not found try again"

    uninstalled and installed office 97 same strange message

    i deleted all office folders and ran regedit and no luck
    so after spending a few frustrating days on this i decided to re-install xp over top and not a repair install

    I loaded office 97 and it worked fine but wouldnt import my pst files and all the important emails

    went to office 10 and same thing

    upgraded to 11 and imported everything fine and i can communicate to my mail servers fine but get an error only sending email.

    i have checked all the settings many times and they are exactly the same as 10 and 97... and I configured them for proper mail support as normal.

    turns out office xp does not like sygate and my server and i had to uninstall it and install zonealarm to get it going with some protection while answering email

    this has been an awefull time because both fresh installs of xp resulted in worm attacks after being online a sec

    not to mention the 2500+ spam messages and viral i have gotten whil finding out my antivirus was not scanning my email messages until i actually read the emails


    it's dec 25 at 12:58am and i am tired and frustrated

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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    uh-huh, should have bought a MacIntosh! j/k

    I had a similiar problem and learned that the Office 11 Wizard in one of the update packages is the trick.
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