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Thread: Windows 98 support shifts to CD

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    Windows 98 support shifts to CD

    When Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 98 support next Friday, it will offer a free CD designed to help users "make the most" of the aging operating system, without any further assistance from the software giant.

    Six years after its launch, Windows 98 is still used by about a fourth of Web surfers. Microsoft announced last year that it would stop supporting Windows 98 on Jan. 15, meaning that millions of users will soon be left exposed when new exploits and vulnerabilities are discovered.

    Lars Ahlgren, senior marketing manager at Microsoft, told ZDNet UK that the CD, which the software giant created with Future Publishing, will provide hints and tips, technical content and exclusive Knowledge Base articles. The content will also be published on Microsoft's support Web sites. "We have made an arrangement with Future Publishing so we get Windows 98 content that is not just technical; it is also about how to get more from your Windows 98 machine. For those who have difficulties getting on the Web or want the content on a CD, we will ship them the CD for free, if they call us or register on the Web," Ahlgren said.

    Ahlgren also acknowledged that Microsoft is hoping to keep Windows 98 users' expectations low, so that if there is a serious security breach the company decides to patch, they will be pleasantly surprised. "It remains to be seen," whether there will be further updates, he said, noting that "we want to set expectations and overdeliver rather than underdeliver."

    Users who need to do a clean installation of Windows 98 will, for the moment, still be able to connect with the Windows Update service in order to install the most recent patches, but the future of this service is far from clear: "We have not yet made a decision when we are going to remove Windows update. We realize there is a huge install base out there, so we will try to be as open and loud as possible with our decision," Ahlgren said.

    Full Story: ZDNet

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    can't understand why so many still use 98. After playing with XP for a couple of years now I think it rocks...JMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PIPER
    can't understand why so many still use 98. After playing with XP for a couple of years now I think it rocks...JMHO.
    I think most of the active forum users here would agree with that. It's just that some people are afraid of change not knowing how XP is around 20 times better than 98!

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    Well personally I still have 2 98 boxes and even one running Win ME. I am probably the one person in the world that has never had a problem with WinME running on my daughters E-Machine...For homework and mild NET use it's been fine. My son and I both have 98 boxes and the main reason for using those is, My home network is HPNA and I use 3 USB HPNA devices. XP doesn't support those and the vendors don't have XP drivers. I'l probably change the network out in the near future but again it's worked fine for allowing them to print across the network and some lite LAN gaming.

    Also my wifes small company is limited to using 98 due to the specialized SW that they use.
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