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Thread: MS Office upgrade from 2K to XP

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    MS Office upgrade from 2K to XP

    While trying to upgrade MS Office 2K to XP, getting past the product key code screen, it starts to load and then the XP ugrade install stops and asks for the Office 2K cd. It is looking for a data1.msi file and will not go past this point. Put the 2K cd in, find the file, and the install does not recognize it.
    Try to remove the Office 2K and add/remove wants the 2K cd. Put 2K cd in and program does not respond to it either. Any suggestions?

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    Office 2k has 2 cds and they both install seperately. Which are you putting in?


    Found this thread on the same problem with multiple suggestions on how to fix. The best one seems to be:

    1. run>regedit>edit>find and enter Data1.msi. When it finds it double click in the right valves window, and when the box comes up enter the code for the package you have DATA1PRO.MSI. There is a MS page that gives the various codes for Office Premium etc (pmm). Also look at the source file path, and change it to where you have your Office Package (I have mines on my C: drive, I saved it there while I was solving this, but you can do it on your CD drive D: or Q: etc.

    2. Search and find C:\cabs\w2k in the registry in the old Word 2000 program you got with your PC, or part of the Works Suite, and once you find it delete the whole folder, it will have a 30 odd alphanumeric code ,don't fiddle with it, DELETE IT!!!!

    3. Search and find C:\cabs\w2k again in the registry for the SR-1 upgrade, this is the mother that caused all the problems, and once you find it again delete the whole folder, it will have another 30 odd alphanumeric code and is either above or below the one you just deleted, "DELETE THE MOTHER". We can find out later if it is worth the risk of running SP2 and 3 later. But at least we can make a restore point now.

    Now understand I can't verify this and your issue is a little different but it may work. Please let us know.
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    I think I will be right in saying that You need the exact media for 2000 that was installed as all these are a little different and so can hit problems even if all looks all OK. Have You the correct media?

    I never ever upgrade a single application – SP’s are OK as we have little choice but OS and Apps is bad news to much can do wrong and often does – is the media for Xp upgrade / Upgrade – full / full

    If at all possible fully remove 2000 with the 2000 disk do not hack it and install full clean Xp always the best move over all


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