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Thread: Problems saving in Photodraw 2000 v2

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    Problems saving in Photodraw 2000 v2

    I recently installed Photodraw on a new system running Windows XP and Office 2000 premium using an account with admin rights. During the install I received no error messages. When a limited user goes to use the product they cannot save projects in different image formats. For example, if a user creates a project, inserts an image(jpeg) and then changes that image(bmp) photodraw acts as if it saved that file but when you go to the location the file is not there. If you go to open photodraw, the first box that opens up asks you what you want to do, it shows the file as an existing project. When you try to open it you receive and error mesage: source file not found. It gets better. I have some systems with the same setup that work. These systems were deployed about 8 weeks ago. I was able to setup the systems side by side and noticed the only difference was that the functioning computer did not have Photo Editor installed and the non functioning computer did. When I removed Photo Editor that solved the file saving problem. This time that didn't work. I have tried different installation methods cd, network and hard-drive. I have installed the product as the user with admin rights but then taken away the rights at deployment to no avail. Now the product will work if I let the user stay on as at least power user but I would rather not do that. MS website for Photodraw is not very good and I spent 3 hours on the phone with MS on Friday which was no help. I know Photodraw has been discontinued, but I work for a nonprofit and new products are out of the question for now. Sorry for the long post, I wanted to get you as much info as possible. Thanks for any help.


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    Maybe you would have better luck by changing to an Open Source program.

    GIMP is amazing, although you will have to invest some time to master it. Here are a few links that might help you decide.
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    Have you tried setting the compatability mode for the program to Win 98? Office 2000 may have problems in XP as from my experience. Office 2000 works best on Win 98. Compatablility mode mimics the selected OS's environment. I had PhotoDraw not starting up but after changing the OS "environment" it worked.
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