**Please note: This is an "unofficial" SP1 for Windows 98 BUT with 1500 downloads and no complaints "so far" if you run Windows 98 you might want to give this one a look.


- 52 hot fixes. (All of them are from Microsoft's Windows Update.)
- 256-color tray. (Some icons on the tray like WinAMP's icon will be shown better.)
- Better Defrag. (Faster. It is from Windows ME. However, It works properly on the Windows98 SE.)
- Better Notepad. (Same Notepad with more key bindings.)
- Optimized swap file usage. (Windows will not to use the swapfile at all until all of the RAM is used.)
- Better WDM/USB support. (Most problems about WDM drivers and USB devices are solved.)
- Windows Scripting Host 5.6. (It is latest version of Scripting Host which also contains VBScript and JScript support.)
- Visual Basic 6.0 SP5 runtime library. (To run Visual Basic 6.0 programs.)
- Windows2000 color scheme. (You should select it from Control Panel-Display-Apperance.)
- A few performance tweaks.


However the link for it seems down at the moment:

Windows 98se SP1

Check back later to see if it comes available again.