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Thread: Email troubles

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    Email troubles

    If anyone can shed light on this, my newest computer problem, I'd appreciate it. Suddenly, I'm no longer able to "see" certain emails. The ones I can't seem to open have the .eml extension and are attachments to the email. When I open them, I get a "no preview available". If I drag the attachment off Outlook Express onto the desktop, then right click, choose "open with" and select Outlook Express, it'll work. Obviously a setting somewhere has been altered. Anyone have any ideas? I went into tools/options and found nothing amiss.

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    When you right click the file and select Outlook Express,make sure you also put a check next to Always use the selected program to open this kind of file and click OK.

    Outlook Express will now be the default program to open the .eml files.

    NOTE:always be cautious of opening attachments,and make sure your Anti-Virus is set to scan all incoming/outgoing mail.
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