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Thread: Longhorn Readiness Program

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    Longhorn Readiness Program

    Welcome to the Longhorn Readiness Program

    Congratulations, you have just completed the enrollment process.

    Within four to six (4-6) weeks, we will deliver to you the "Developer Guide to Migration & Interoperability in Longhorn".

    We will send you the PDC 2003 Conference DVD once it becomes available. The estimated time for availability is late Dec. 2003. Please allow four to six (4-6) weeks for delivery.

    (For shipments outside of the USA, delivery times may vary depending on the country)

    I just found out about this. Kind of old news but worthy nonetheless.

    If you are interested:

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    Thanks for the heads up. I belong to a .net user group and attend not enough meetings which are held at the Microsoft Headquaters here in Chicago. I'll make a point of attending more which is difficult as I'm in school on Saturdays the day of the classes.

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    Did someone order some M$ propaganda? We have so many of these partner guides, and ways to sell new M$ products to clients etc.

    Good info nonetheless.

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