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Thread: Templates, and clip art Alternatives??

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    Templates, and clip art Alternatives??

    The MS Office web page uses ActiveX to download new templates and art. Is there another site that would contain that content to download like in packages??
    I am not going to enable ActiveX for the users of the company, and they will drive me nuts with request.

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    Powerpoint Templates:

    No active X required.


    have you thought of downloading the clipart onto one machine, perhaps download all the clipart, then burn to CD or store it on a network drive?

    Also, I was able to download all the templates and clipart from the MS office site without enabling ActiveX... using Firefox as my browser:

    Microsoft paints a big red warning at the top of the page:

    Warning: You are viewing this page with an unsupported Web browser. This Web site works best with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later or Netscape Navigator 6.0 or later. Click here for more information on supported browsers.
    But it worked just as well.. and ActiveX is not enabled in my browser as far as I know.

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