Visually BFV is not the game you want. If you want visuals go for Farcry... 10X better than COD, and with all the playability of the BF series.. with the action of UT2004..

I like BFV. I've been playing it daily. I cannot stand COD even though it looks better. I prefer vehicles, extra abilities, like planting spawn points, setting booby traps, and so on..

Visually I think BFV needs more work, lots of it.. COD really is a better game in that respect. I just hate the playability of COD after they changed it.

I'll never play it again. I'd rather play MOHAA. Now if they'd just release a Civil War FPS... ahhh that would be sweet. Mustkets, cannons, and so on. Horses, militia, African troops, generals, my god the options are endless.