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Thread: Integrate Microsoft Project 2003 in Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Server ???

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    Question Integrate Microsoft Project 2003 in Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Server ???

    Integrate Microsoft Project 2003 in Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Server ???


    Know someone if an integration of Microsoft Project 2003 is
    possible in Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Server ???



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    Here is a link regarding the integration of Microsoft project 2003 from the office 2003 Pro Suite with MS Sharepoint 2003 Server:

    In Microsoft Windows® SharePoint™ Services, all website settings and page content types (such as list data, documents in document libraries, and other information types) are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) database. This is a change from the way they were in SharePoint™ Team Services 1.0, where they were split between the file system and the database. This improvement was made to:

    * Enable Windows SharePoint Services to perform well in larger installations. Data in the database can be sorted more quickly than data in the file system.
    * Improve server availability. If you have multiple stateless Web servers in a server farm, when one fails, another can take over without losing access to content.
    * Improve the integrity of stored data. The possibility of conflicts between database and file system information is removed, and the database can be easily backed up.

    The new Windows SharePoint Services architecture eliminates the dependencies on a physical file system for Internet Information Services (IIS) and the local Windows security groups. You can now create a server farm system and host many more websites than you could with SharePoint Team Services.
    A brief synopsis above.

    I'd Also recommend getting the Project 2003 SDK:

    As it outlines specifically what you are trying to do:

    Creating Project Specific Windows SharePoint Services Sites shows you how to create your own Project Data Service (PDS) Extender to create project-specific Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Web sites.
    Hope that helps.

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