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Thread: Establish a new intranet using Share Point Server 2003 ???

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    Establish a new intranet using Share Point Server 2003 ???

    Establish a new intranet using Share Point Server 2003 ???


    We need to establish a new intranet for one of our customers using Share Point Server 2003.
    We are looking for exemplary intranet sites where we can see what are the main areas that
    are commonly covered by “todays” intranets to have an idea what is the typical content
    in nowadays big intranets.

    Links would by appreciated.

    Thank you


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    Gicio, you seldom ask easy questions.

    Here is a company that is doing what you are wanting to do:

    If you are smart, why not contact them, acting like a potential customer and find out everything that they are doing so you can get an insider scoop into setting this up.

    You can contact them here:

    Just pretend to be a potential customer and ask them for a rundown of setting up an intranet with Sharepoint Server.

    Below is the HP site that covers in great detail something like what you are trying to do:,00.htm

    Below you can request more information from berbee systems about setting up an intranet using the MS Sharepoint Server system:

    Hopefully that should be able to put you in the correct general direction.

    Finally, here are two good books you might considering investing in to get this started:

    The first one is geared more toward implementation of Sharepoint and the second goes into great detail on the sharepoint server 2003 itself.

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