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Thread: Outlook Express

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    Outlook Express

    I have just reloaded XP and Office XP. Before doing so I saved all OE mail messages to CSV files (Excel). I now want to import the messages back into OE.
    I get as far as choosing 'Import mail from an OE6 store directory' and then browse to the file where the CSV files are stored but then get a message saying 'No files can be found in this folder or another app is running that has the required files open'. No other app is using the files.

    Can anyone help?

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    Welcome to Techzonez.

    When you install Office XP, "Outlook" becomes the default mail program therefore Outlook is probably the application using the files.
    Go to Tools > Internet Options. On the Programs tab select Outlook Express from the E-mail drop down menu and click Apply.OK.

    Close Outlook and/or OE.And then re-open OE and now try import.

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