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Thread: Strange typo in Help & Support

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    Strange typo in Help & Support

    Sorry this is a really pointless post but i've just been configuring Windows 2003 and did a search for help on adding a forward lookup zone on the dns server and came back with something odd...

    Search : add forward lookup zone
    Search results:
    Help topics:
    Add forward lookup zone.

    And now i look at 'Using a command line', and follow procedures to run cmd and then type dsnlookup, which i actually did, expecting it to do something, but nothing but an error happened. I wasn't too sure what was going on but looked at installing support tools to check if this app was installed. I'm not sure if you've spotted the mistake by now but it should have said (DNS)lookup instead of (DSN), one small typo and ya think it's all over. I have to partly blame a certain herb for not letting me realise what was going on.

    Live long and prosper!

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    yeah, I have done exactly the same thing before. Here is one of my favorites /CHMAD instead of /CHMOD. Use that command with URL in Putty and you get blocked from the IP.
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