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Thread: XP Home edition's built-in firewall

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    XP Home edition's built-in firewall

    I have this XP firewall activated and until my Intel videochat program died and an uninstall-reinstall did no good, the firewall would ask (when I called up lntel) if I wanted to allow the ports used by Intel to be open for the duration of the call. problem...I just told it "yes" and away I went.

    Now a little freebie videochat program says I must configure my XP firewall to allow the TCP protocol, the incoming port 10529 and the outgoing port 10529, 443, 80.

    But I can find no way to do this with the Intel firewall. Is there or could it be that the program instructions are incorrect?
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    Intel firewall or XP firewall?

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    You can forward ports by going to Network connections and right clicking on the connection that is firewalled. Click properties. Now go to the Advanced tab and click settings. A new menu should come up and you should be able to forward ports there.

    Hint: use your computer name (ie. "John's Computer) instead of the computer's current IP Address (ie. as that might change every time you start up.
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