Embedded Linux distributions make it possible to run Linux on pretty much anything nowadays. Watches, PDAs, and even certain coffee machines are running stripped-down versions of the penguin. It comes as no surprise that Linksys has decided to run Linux on its routers and switches.

A great decision, but Linksys products are designed for the consumer and small business. The products don't come with any way to tap into the underlying Linux shell.

In this hack I'll show you how to overwrite your Linksys router firmware with a new instruction set that allows you to take full control of your mini Linux powerhouse.

What you need

* Linksys WRT54G Wireless router
You need this particular model because it has a flaw in the ping command that allows you to execute and overwrite information. At the time of this writing, this is the only hackable Linksys router.

* Desktop PC or laptop with a network card to connect to the router.

* You need to pick your firmware distribution. There are lots of hacked firmware available. Read up on the features and choose the one that meets your needs best from the list below.
o Sveasoft (my fave)
o Mini WRT54G
o More hacked firmware


What will Linux be running on next? Your pencil sharpener? Toilet scrubber?