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Thread: Tranferring email messages to new computer

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    Tranferring email messages to new computer

    I've purchased a new computer which should be arriving on Friday. Both my current system and my new one have Window XP. I am currently using Outlook Express 6 for my email. I have hundreds of messages in several folders in Outlook Express that I would like to transfer to my new computer when it arrives. Can someone tell me what the quickest and easiest way to do this would be? I really have no clue. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to Techzonez. I pulled this info from the Outlook Express help files:

    To export messages to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange

    On the File menu, point to Export, and then click Messages.
    In the Choose Profile dialog box, choose the profile name that best matches the Microsoft program to which you are exporting.
    To export all the messages, click All Folders.
    To export messages in one or more folders, click Selected Folders. Then select the folders you want to export.

    To import messages from other e-mail programs (including Outlook Express)

    Using the Outlook Express Import Wizard, you can easily import e-mail messages from a variety of popular Internet e-mail programs such as Netscape Communicator and Eudora, as well as from Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook.

    On the File menu, point to Import, and then click Messages.
    Select the e-mail program you want to import messages from, and then click Next.
    Verify the location of your messages, and then click Next.
    Choose All folders to import all the messages, and then click Next. You can also choose Selected Folders to import messages from one or more folders.
    Click Finish.

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