I just noticed that NTFS for Win98 by Winternals Software, has released a version 2.0. Only update (Can't see others) with this version is that it is now compatible with files from WINDOWS XP! This is great as the READ ONLY version (exactly what I want) is 100% free. Write version costs $49 (Wouldn't trust it to write to my drive)! Installation is a bit fiddly but just read the help file for list of required files from either Windows NT/2000/XP! Doesn't support encryption and ignores security settings (i think)!

Key features:
- Provides support for NTFS volumes on Windows 95/98/Me
- NTFS drives behave just like regular FAT and FAT32 drives
- Uses the same Microsoft NTFS drivers as Windows XP/2000/NT but runs them under Windows 95/98/Me
- Includes NTFSCHK utility for repairing disk errors

I've tested it and it works well, even works with my firewire hard drive! Watch the autoexec.bat load as ntfschk might give an error. if so, just add cd\{YOUR NTFS FILE PATH} before ntfschk in the autoexec.bat file.

for more info, click link below:


SOURCE: neowin.net