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Thread: BSOD - Windows 2000 professional

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    BSOD - Windows 2000 professional

    I use windows 2000 pro.

    my CPU is crashing to the blue screen of death. When it goes there it is dumping memory. It has been a problem for longer than i can remember, but has recently occurred more often. Can anyone out there analize my .dmp file so I can fix this ??? It occurrs at various times so I haven't found any particular reason for the crash or memory dump. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    can you give us some system specs. cpu, ram (more than one stick?), cpu & mobo temps (idle underload).

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    Welcome to Techzonez kretinrock. Like phishhead says we could certainly use some more info and if you can post your dmp file that may help as well.

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