On tonight's episode of "The Screen Savers," I'll demo a piece of software called Magic Bullet Editors. It's a plug-in for Final Cut Pro that was designed by innovative production studio The Orphanage.

Magic Bullet lets you give digital video an expensive film look. You can dramatically change the feel of video by applying any of the software's 50 preset looks.

The TSS intro with Magic Bullet

To show you the results of using Magic Bullet, I applied three different looks to a piece of footage you probably know well: the "Screen Savers" opening. I also used Misfire, a feature in Magic Bullet that mimics the damaged look of old film -- grain, splotches, scratches, flicker, and all.

I applied these changes only to the scenes featuring the TSS hosts. While the looks and Misfire effects can be used on any type of footage, they are best suited for live-action scenes.

Here are the different looks I used for the footage. Click on the download links to see a QuickTime video of each look applied to the TSS intro.

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