Free add-on that enables you to lock down a computer whereby it works when turned on in a disk cache, this is then removed when you reboot restoring the computer to the setup by admin state.

You have to be a bit careful setting it up but only to the extent that you set everything how you want it then commit changes to disk then reboot and then enable the disk protection. Make sure you create the user profiles and commit changes before reboot otherwise it will need to set up the profiles every time you boot as the disk protection will remove the user's profile folders.

It is useful for an internet Kiosk type machine, spare PC used for loan outs or any system where you don't want the user making changes to their own system but saving files to a central server or external drive. You might also use it on an internet surfing machine so that you can surf on the dark side without getting your PC infected to hell with spyware and trojans.